The health consequences of body shaming women

Our NHMRC Early Career Fellow and Clinical Psychologist was featured in an ABC Life article addressing how a lack of body confidence and comfort can inhibit women from seeking vital healthcare! From a young age, women are taught to be ashamed of normal bodily functions such as menstruation and...

Dr Natalie Thomas speaks on translational psychiatry the Inaugural 'Mind the Gap' Neuroscience symposium at Monash

The diagnosis of schizophrenia is based solely on how clinical symptoms present; we have no blood test nor brain scan we can rely on to aid in the clinical diagnosis. Even using our current best method of the so-called psychiatry ‘bible’, the DSM-5, which uses stringent clinical...

Dr Gemma Sharp appears on ABC Melbourne Radio to discuss her research on body image and cosmetic surgery

Our NHMRC Early Career Fellow and Clinical Psychologist, Dr Gemma Sharp, was interviewed on ABC Melbourne’s Life 2:0 program on 4th November 2019. Dr Sharp spoke about her latest research on the influences of social media on body image concerns and cosmetic surgery requests. Please...

Anxiety, stress and motherhood — how Ali Fairbairn managed as things 'started shutting down' -


Professor Jayashri Kulkarni of the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre said the mental health issues women experience remain largely hidden.


Dr Gemma Sharp appears on ABC’s Catalyst Program to discuss her research on cosmetic genital surgery

Our NHMRC Early Career Fellow and Clinical Psychologist, Dr Gemma Sharp, was a featured expert on ABC’s flagship science program, Catalyst, on 22nd October 2019. Dr Sharp...

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