Complex Trauma Disorder (Borderline Personality Disorder)


Current treatment trials for Complex Trauma Disorder:

The Alison Project: understanding Complex Trauma Disorder and the role of Memantine



The Sarah Kelly Jones Scholarship in Complex Trauma Disorder:

In honour of Sarah Kelly Jones who lost her life to Complex Trauma Disorder earlier this year (2020), we are proud and privileged to establish the Sarah Kelly Jones Scholarship in complex trauma disorder to support a PhD candidate or medical doctor who will conduct focused research in this area to improve our understanding of this disorder and work to establish and promote new treatments for people living with CTD. With the support of the Jones family and many of Sarah's friends and supporters in Perth, W.A, an annual amount will be fund raised and donated to fund this scholarship. We look forward to awarding the scholarship in early 2021 once it has been established and to providing updates on the work conducted in this area. 

Sarah Kelly Jones



Resources for Complex Trauma Disorder:

1. How To Treat: Borderline Personality Disorder (Australian Doctor). This article was originally published by Australian Doctor. To see other articles like this click here.


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